2011 is Almost Over

By on 12-27-2011 in Run, Run, Run, Runaway

2011 has sure been a year of ups and downs for me, especially when it comes to fitness. Personally it has been mostly ups thankfully 🙂

I started off just trying to get into shape. I started off by NOT running the first race I had scheduled, a New Year’s Day 5k with my husband. I broke my toe a couple of days before and could barely hobble anywhere, there was no way I was doing that 5k. Yet I was motivated enough to be on my bike/trainer as soon as possible after the toe injury that I never felt disappointed in that.

I went on to do my first ever 5k running race (I’d done a couple walking before, but this was the first time I got serious about attempting to run!), my first mini-tri, my first sprint tri, and my first 10k. A year of firsts for sure! I learned to actually love running, rather than just running to be able to complete the triathlons. I thought I was going to love tri, but actually running is way more appealing to me now. I still enjoy biking and am thinking of doing at least one duathlon in 2012, maybe a sprint tri, but my focus will be running races. I AM going to do a half-marathon this year, that’s for sure. My husband wants to do 3 or 4, but I may do 10ks more than halfs, we’ll see.

In less than a week I’m set to do the 2012 New Year’s Day 5k. My husband says if I get hurt or sick and can’t compete he’s not registering to race with me anymore. Silly man. Like I planned a broken toe or pneumonia? Not likely!

Now that I’m back to much more regular running, I’m almost feeling like myself again. This fall was about mental health as much as physical I think. I was on a downward spiral that started with the pneumonia and ended with me just giving up for a while. Thank god I can see the light at the end of that particular tunnel. It was long and dark and dreary.