2011 Totals

By on 12-31-2011 in Run, Run, Run, Runaway

Last day of 2011! I’m excitedly looking forward to 2012, starting with my New Year’s Day 5k tomorrow morning, but first I’m going to share my stats for this past year. For my first full year of running, biking, etc., I’m pretty proud of the totals and tomorrow (well, hopefully tomorrow) I’ll share my goals for 2012 numbers – plus some personal goals not running related too.

2011 Run Numbers

635.5 km (approx) – last year I initially tracked with Ontri and then switched over to dailymile. Ontri shows my totals in miles, which I have of course converted to the metric equivalent. I’m Canadian – I like my kilometer numbers!!

2011 Cycling Totals:

769 km

My numbers on the bike really slowed down after I finished tri training. I’m going to have to get those way up in 2012!

2011 Swimming Totals:

20.8 km

That number looks so small! I’m not sure how much swimming I’ll do in 2012, still deciding if I’m even going to do another triathlon. We’ll see!

Overall, I’m pretty happy with how 2011, as far as fitness is concerned. I moved a lot more than I have in previous years, I was only fitter when I played rugby back in high school. The fall certainly was a let down, with the pneumonia “fun”, but I’m on track again now and ready for all that the coming year has to offer.

Happy New Year!