2012 Alberta Election in the Spruce Grove St. Albert Riding

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2012 Alberta Election in the Spruce Grove St. Albert Riding

Inspired by Natasha of Natural Urban Mama, and by a desire to be as fully informed as I can before it’s time to vote in the Alberta Election on April 23, I’ve decided to follow and get involved in #abvote on Twitter and do a few political blog posts in the next couple of weeks. Don’t worry, if you aren’t interested in politics, or just not my brand of political writing, there won’t be many and I’ll still be writing about running and life too 🙂

Today I got the ball rolling and sent emails to all four candidates in my riding. The basic text of the emails sent:

I’m preparing to write a blog post about the candidates in the Spruce Grove-St. Albert riding (where I live). While I certainly can access your party’s platform online easily enough, I would like to have a few questions answered by Mr. Horner if at all possible.

I am an undecided voter who has previously voted PC. I’m struggling now though with the way the campaign is progressing and I want to feel like my opinion and interests matter to my representative. With that in mind, these are my questions:

1.Would you vote against your party if your constituents requested it? What if what your constituent’s want goes against your party or individual ideology? (question “borrowed” from Richard at Canadian Trends, hope you don’t mind!)

2. Why don’t you actually use your twitter account? The #abvote hashtag is generating a lot of conversation about the election and a perfect opportunity to truly interact with some people who might want to hear what you have to say.

3. In Spruce Grove we definitely have school issues that need to be addressed, which concern me as a parent of three children of various ages. Our urban schools are getting over-crowded and the city is growing every day. How soon will this be corrected? How will you address the needs for schools in the city despite there being under-used rural schools and why will you do it that way?

4. How active are you in the Spruce Grove community? I don’t mean by being on a committee or belonging to the Rotary. I mean truly involved-do you shop here? Do you use the park system? Have you used the school system? Do you really understand our community’s needs?

5.  What is the first program/type of spending you think needs to be cut if your party were to gain a majority and why?

A response is respectfully requested by mid-next week.  Thank you for your time.

I personalized it of course with questions that concerned me about each candidate in particular. For example, the Wild Rose candidate doesn’t live in the riding, that bothers me. The Liberal candidate has almost zero online presence? Why? I know the party platforms (in general anyway) but I want to know how my candidates are going to represent my riding – I am not interested in someone who will tow the line for their leader and who couldn’t care less about the people who actually live here. I will watch the leaders’ debate,  but I am far more concerned with the person who is supposed to be working for my community’s interests.

If you live in the Spruce Grove-St. Albert riding, please be sure to check out our candidates yourself. Here are the links I could find for now to them, and I’ll be updating with responses received (if any) and I’m hoping to attend the local candidates forum on April 18 to get more information to share.

NDP-Reverend Trudeau

Liberal-Chris Austin

Progressive Conservative-Doug Horner

Wild Rose-Travis Hughes

And can i just say I really wish we had an Alberta Party candidate here in Spruce Grove (Stony Plain does if you are from there!) I am definitely liking what that party has to say, for example this quote from candidate Michael Walters (Edmonton-Rutherford). I used to live a couple of houses away from Michael (before he lived in Rutherford, in central Edmonton) and I was always impressed by his community involvement.

“We have to shift away from MLAs being for their parties; they should be for their communities,” Walters says. “We’ve shown people you don’t have to vote along traditional party lines to feel like you’re being represented well.”

I think community is exactly what we need to focus on for this election.

Now, it’s Good Friday and I think I need to spend the afternoon enjoying my boys and my community. Au revoir!

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