40 by 40

By on 9-06-2014 in Featured, Hoping for Health

40 by 40

I have a serious eating problem. At night. I’m sure it’s one of those things where there is some other thing going on emotionally or whatever and so food is a replacement. I’m so not going there right now, but I suspect it is in fact something I’m going to have to face/work on.

In the meantime, I think I’m finally close to hitting bottom in the frustration level with myself for just giving up on taking care of myself. A few years ago I felt similar and I actually did do something about it. Maybe not enough – I didn’t lose a ton of weight, but I got into running, I tried triathlons and I FELT better. That was not a bad place to be.  This place I’m in now? It’s a terrible place to be. I feel tired, I feel heavy – and not in the fat / heavy way (although that too) but in the way where I feel like I’m moving through syrup some days. Like just putting one foot in front of the other is hard. It’ the weight, it’s my lack of activity, it’s the injuries and health issues, it’s so many things.

So last week when my boys started school I took my first big step in the road to losing 40 lbs before my 40th birthday (next July). I bought a gym membership and I went twice. I did some time on the ellipticals to avoid impact and then I did some time on the rowing machine plus a little bit of free weight time and a couple of circles around the indoor track to cool down. This week my goal is 4 out of 5 weekday mornings at the gym. I’m looking forward to the days I can use the gym’s pool, but it is closed all of next week for cleaning.

And yes I know I need to make some eating changes if I’m going to actually get anywhere. I added in some extra fruit last week and drank more water. This week I’ll eliminate all pop and focus on eating less at night.


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