Almost BlogWest Time!

By on 3-06-2012 in Run, Run, Run, Runaway

Almost BlogWest Time!

I’m definitely getting excited now, it’s the week of BlogWest2012! Technically it’s in 2 days, unfortunately I can’t make Thursday night as I will be playing my usual gig of mom/chauffeur and then driving the boys to their aunt’s house an hour north. It’s going to be a late night, but worth it for three nights of kid-free time.

Of course, the week when I have something fun and exciting like a blog conference to attend is the week when I get a big project to complete. Thank goodness I finally found a subcontractor to work with who is taking on a good portion of the project so I can still enjoy the conference. It took me a long time to commit to having a subcontractor for my business, but the simple truth was that the business has grown too much to not get some help. Well, it was that or quit sleeping, which is NOT my idea of fun! I guess I could have stopped accepting new projects/clients too, but I don’t like doing that either. There appears to be somewhat of a dearth of quality virtual paralegal or virtual legal assistants, plus you never know what new things you’ll learn from taking on new clients!

So anyway, big project aside, I’m getting myself ready for the Friday and Saturday fun. I’m especially excited about Friday night’s event at Eveline Charles Academy, who doesn’t like a little pampering after all? But what do you wear to a spa party? I have to walk through the mall after all to get there from my hotel room, or I might just wear a pretty robe 😉 Maybe some yoga type pants and a simple top? I think I’ll be packing an awful lot of clothes for two days…daytime outfits, nighttime outfits, maybe some workout clothes? It’s going to be great!

If you’re attending BlogWest too, drop me a comment so we can make sure to connect this weekend!