Always Too Late

By on 2-17-2012 in Featured, Hoping for Health

Photograph “Cold War Clock” by ckaiserca, available at under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic license

I think I need to “just start” going to bed earlier! I am always up too late. And while I know of far too many people who stay up too late because they are tidying their houses, finishing off work or other tasks that they just couldn’t get to during the day, I stay up late because it is the only truly quiet and peaceful time I get to myself. I need sleep, but I must feel like I need this time for myself even more. Despite the hacking cough that is visiting me yet again, screaming at me that seriously I need to go to bed. It’s only 10:44 I tell that pesky old cough – not late enough for bed yet. Maybe at 11. Or 11:30. After the stupid tv show I’m watching is over. Or the next stupid tv show.

I used to be that type of person who cherished sleep above all. I went to bed early. I thought 10:30 was really late. Ha, ha, ha! Now I would think 10:30 was early. It’s mostly not a big problem, other than the circles under my eyes and the immune system that is struggling with exhaustion. Except when my husband is home, then it’s a bit of a concern. He is NOT a night owl. And while I enjoy going to sleep at the same time as my husband, I sometimes resent the loss of “my” time. Definite downside to having a DH who works away for weeks at a time. Back in the days when my handsome husband was home every night I think I appreciated him more, even though you’d think it would be the opposite. Oh well, for now he’s away and I need to go watch one more wedding show on TLC, it is Friday night you know, and only 10:52 pm.