Another Beginning – Another Year

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Another Beginning – Another Year

I love the freshness of a new calendar. I love the feeling of a new start as a new year begins. You know, Christmas isn’t a super big deal in our house. The kids love the tree and the gifts. I love the food (too much!) and we all love spending extra time with family. Plus there’s the whole school break thing to cheer about. But we don’t go Christmas crazy – we don’t spend fortunes of money on gifts. My DH and I do not even exchange gifts, we just buy for kids basically. My gift is being able to not work through most of the holiday so I can really enjoy my time with my boys. But I feel a need to go new year crazy sometimes. I like the celebration of the year ending and a new one beginning. Although this year my DH and my mom both were asleep long before the clock struck midnight; thankfully my boys made it to midnight with me. It didn’t feel fun enough though, it was too quiet a “party” – next year I’m going to have to remedy that.

And now the holiday season is dwindling away. Only three more days before school goes back. Soccer starts back up Saturday (technically we had games all last weekend, but only for a tournament!) I actually went back to work today, you know in my basement office, but I didn’t work very hard. Hopefully by Monday I’ll be ready for a more normal workload. And hopefully my DH will actually go back to work this month – the sooner the better.

As this year starts, I feel full of plans for 2014. Not “resolutions”. I have been making some changes since mid-December. I’m finally back to walking and running regularly. I’m cutting back on caffeine and drinking more water. Simple changes, but I’m sure very necessary. There are a number of other changes to come….but I’ll share about that later. For now, Happy New Year and happy beginnings to us all!


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