Archive Inspiration

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Archive Inspiration

Because I’ve changed blog setups over the years and because while I’m mostly fairly tech friendly I can have really NOT tech friendly moments, this blog has one “post” which is actually an accumulation of posts from my old Mobile Mommy blog. A bunch of errors lead to me losing the blog somehow but because I had been subscribed to my own RSS feed I was able to copy and paste a lot of my posts to save in this new blog. I always intended to eventually separate out each old saved post, because it makes it much more manageable and easier to locate things from my past that I want to re-read. I finally started the process in September, and I’m getting some more done today (while stuck sitting in a McD’s waiting for the 5yo to finish attending his first school related birthday party).

Reading my old posts is more fun than I expected – it takes me back to such different days in my life. I’m in 2010 right now and the three years in between have sure changed things! In 2010 my middle child was finishing up kindergarten, now my baby is there! I was dealing with bus and drop off decisions back then, now I’m just dealing with drop off drama (it’s October and still!!!)

I don’t know how many other bloggers spend time in their archives, but I have to say I recommend it. It can be inspiring and tear-inducing – it can be amusing and it can give you some perspective. I’m so going to have to create a print version of this blog someday, so that I can flip through the pages and remember and the good and all the bad and all the everything. Plus spending time reviewing my archives really reminds me of what I get out of blogging. I don’t get paid because I blog (well, not on this blog anyway, I like to think my Halo Blog helps me land clients every now and then!) but I get these beautiful little snapshots of moments in my life.



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