Blank Blog Posts and Why I Run

By on 7-26-2012 in Featured, Run, Run, Run, Runaway

Blank Blog Posts and Why I Run

I read a beautiful post yesterday from Megan at Velveteen Mind and I was inspired (especially by a couple of the comments!) to plan to blog early in the day and pour out my thoughts into a blog post. Well, I was inspired yesterday, but this morning? That blank blog page just stared me in the eye and practically screamed “not this early lady“. Words just didn’t want to come, at least not then.

But then this afternoon, after working this morning and starting bread dough to make some buns and making the kids lunch and yeah, all that stuff, I read another inspiring blog post and the words finally came. Thanks Kerrie for motivating me with your honest words.

I commented on Kerrie’s post, but then I realized I’d really never talked here about why I run. I’ve mentioned little things, or parts of running that I love, but why? Why do I drag myself downstairs to my treadmill a few times a week (well, in a good week it’s a few times)? Why do I want to run in races even though I’m not exactly fast or competitive? Why did a pair of running shoes have to be on my blog header and why do I buy so much running gear?

Well the running gear is probably just about the pretty, but at the very heart of it, the reason I run is simple. I run because it’s the first thing I’ve found in a long, long time that helps me get on an even keel emotionally. I’ve always been an up and down kind of girl, easily upset, easily hurt, easily angered. I know that having kids brought out the yeller in me (and no that isn’t a word according to spell check but I don’t care!) I feel sometimes like there are so many things pulling me in different directions, so many legitimate needs and wants and people who I have to be here for. Running is an outlet that lets me be calmer and clearer and just better overall, even if it sometimes is hard in the moment to get up and just go run.

Speaking of which….time to go and RUN!