BlogWest 2012

By on 1-10-2012 in Run, Run, Run, Runaway

Last night I was perusing Twitter (which I really don’t do as much as I used to – probably because my Tweetdeck app keeps crashing) when I noticed something about a blog conference in Edmonton (which is about 10 minutes from my small suburban city). I looked up BlogWest 2012 and immediately I knew I was going to want to attend. I tried out the BlogHer conference back in 2009 and 2010. Well mostly 2009, in 2010 I just enjoyed New York since my husband, BFF and her boyfriend came along. New York was great and playing tourist seemed a better use of my time lol.

Anyway, in 2009 I really tried to be present at BlogHer but I didn’t love it to be honest. There were SO many people and I felt very uncomfortable, although some of the sessions were truly interesting. But BlogWest 2012 is being organized by Felicia Dewar, who I’ve actually met when she very kindly lent me a book…I think I still have it, oops! It will be regionally focused so I will be much more at ease I think, plus Just Start Mama has given me a new blogging focus since my Mobile Mommy days. Before I wasn’t quite sure what I was writing about – pretty much everything, which doesn’t sound that different, but I do FEEL more focused, and that is something!

Even thinking about going to a conference inspires me to update my blog more, get my Alberta Races page up to scratch, etc. And hopefully it will keep me motivated to stick to my training plan so I’m a little fitter and thinner by March. So today I checked my calendar (yay, the Friday of the conference is a PD day, so if DH is not home for the boys I can hopefully ask my wonderful little sis to take them overnight so I can enjoy all that the conference has on offer) and registered for the conference. I’m going – can’t wait to get to know others who are attending!