Bucket Lists

By on 5-24-2012 in Featured, What Inspires Me

Bucket Lists

Bucket lists are not a new idea, but I don’t have one. Or a 40 before 40 list or 100 places to visit list or the like. I want to have a list although I’m just going with bucket list, because 40 is only 3 years away and I want to include some longer term goals. Plus I don’t want to think about how soon 40 is.

So I guess I’m going to spend the next little while thinking about the things I really, really want to do in my life and make my bucket list. I want to feel inspired and motivated. I spent some time this past weekend actually perusing some websites and blog posts on the topic. I love reading what’s on other people’s lists and thinking about which things I’ve done or experienced in my life so far. Maybe that should be my first list, lol, bucket list types of things that I can say I’ve already experienced (I wanted to use a different word than experienced this time, but it’s early and I need more coffee and my thesaurus’ suggestions are not cheerful enough!)

A list of things I’ve done that I’m proud of won’t be too hard (I hope!) but my bucket list? That is NOT going to be easy. I don’ want a list just for the sake of a list. I don’t want items that are listed because they are easy or because I know I’m doing it this summer anyway. I want things that I will be proud of, things I can model for my boys. Or even things that are private-ish, but that mean a lot to *me* and me alone. So it’s not going to be a long list of hundreds of items. Maybe 20 or 30 things I hope to do in the next 10 or 20 years, depending on time and money of course.

Do you have a bucket list you want to share? I’d love to read your list, or even hear from you if you think bucket lists are a waste of time. Talk to me people!


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