Celebrating Age

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Celebrating Age

Tomorrow is my husband’s birthday. He will be 37. Then next week we will celebrate my mother’s birthday, she’ll be 55. The months will progress and we will celebrate my 37th, my middle’s 8th, my baby’s 5th and my eldest’s 11th. They aren’t milestone birthdays, but they are big days to celebrate nonetheless. Older may not seem exciting to me, but really we have to celebrate each beautiful moment we are given to live and love and be with the people who matter. Each day is exciting, so of course birthdays celebrating the passage of each year are all exciting.

I remember in the weeks before I had my first baby, time seemed to slow down. I was waiting and wishing for my little boy to come (not that I knew he was a boy, he was my only surprise baby!) and the days dragged out quietly. Then I had him and time continued along at a seemingly slow pace. We happily marked weeks of age, not waiting to celebrate with years. His first birthday arrived and was celebrated by family and I remembered again how wonderful birthdays could be and how meaningful. As an adult they had stopped holding excitement for me. Time sped back up after that 1st lovely birthday as I returned to work and he went off to daycare. Over time we added our second and third baby boys to the family and we implemented family traditions for birthdays: birthday dinner and cake the day of, parties on a weekend close to the actual date. Family, friends and fun. Each birthday a wonderful time to remember the year past and look forward to the year and changes ahead. The growing up, the life events, the good and the bad.



*This post was inspired by the Momalom 5 for 5’s topic of the day, Age.

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