Chicken Pox and Other Fun

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Apr 6, 2010 8:48 PM

Chicken Pox and Other Fun


by Laurie

So a couple of weeks ago my 5yo had a terrible rash. He wasn’t really sick, just a mild fever for a day or so and he was pretty fussy one night. The rash started getting scabby looking in spots and I took him to the doctor. Okay, well truthfully first I went to my good friend, Dr. Google, lol. I have a tendency to want to diagnose things myself, especially on the weekend when the regular doctor is not available.

Dr. Google lead me to believe that possibly 5yo had chicken pox, but I wasn’t sure, especially since he was immunized fully against chickenpox. Anyway, the nurse at the hospital (we don’t have a medicentre in my town, so I went to community hospital for advice) says looks like chicken pox to her, but wait and see the doctor. A couple of hours later the doctor gives us the vague diagnosis of “viral rash”. She says it could be chicken pox but probably not, the sores don’t look “blistery” enough.

Fast forward to this weekend. Two year old is now sick. He ends up with exact same rash/sores as 5yo had – only difference being that he has way more of them and a high fever for three days or so. Pretty huh?

Today 2yo had a dermatologist appointment for a problem on his scalp – it was a suspected cyst, but now they think bacterial infection. While there the derm could not help noticing the lovely rash on his face and chest and evaluated it for us. The junior and senior derm had quite the discussion but ultimately decided it most likely is in fact chicken pox, passed on from the 5yo, despite the 5yo having being immunized (2yo is NOT immunized yet). They even asked to take pictures of it seeing as they see less in the way of chicken pox these days!

Not surprisingly a sick 2yo has wreaked havoc with my schedule the last few days. He hasn’t been sleeping, so neither have I. And when he’s awake he’s been clingy and needy – I was back to typing with a child on my lap. It reminded me of the nursing days, but he’s much bigger now! It was not easy and I’m glad he seems to be on the mend as of today. The fever is gone and the only problem now is the itching and the need to catch up on some sleep. I sure hope tonight is better – I need to get on track tomorrow!


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