Clean Slate

By on 1-26-2014 in Featured, WAHM

Clean Slate

I always think of Monday morning as a clean slate. A fresh week, a fresh start – a chance to get on top of things. Of course, when it’s Sunday night and you know you didn’t do the catch-up work on the weekend you meant to do that clean slate is looking….well it’s looking kind of smudged and dirty actually. And the to do list is far too long already and it’s only going to get worse.

Knowing all of that you’d think I’d have buckled down two hours ago and done something, anything to get a leg up. But I didn’t – instead I watched some bad tv, read a couple of chapters of my book and now I’m blogging. But hey! I’m actually blogging. That’s something right? And I did get in a one-hour walk on my treadmill this morning and helped coach a solid soccer game this afternoon. I did the things I wanted to do this weekend. I crossed things off my list and even actually made my monsters help me do some cleaning and laundry. The only thing I didn’t do was work. Oh and menu plan. Or feed the snake. Wait, things are sounding less in control by the minute. Pretend I just said “work” and not all that other stuff. It um wasn’t urgent anyway.

I really do need to remind myself – tomorrow – that I am lucky to have this amazing work at home life, but that it doesn’t come magically, it actually requires me to get some work done. Yes, tomorrow I’ll remember that. Tomorrow I’ll cross at least 6 things off my work to do list (I’m not the only one with multiple to do lists, am I?) and I’ll run and I’ll even remember to pick my kids up from school. Tomorrow will be a success for sure.

For tonight though I’m going to go back to pretending that I have a clean slate and a fresh week in front of me. It’ll help me sleep better I think.



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