Don’t Read It Then

By on 3-19-2012 in Doesn't Fit Anywhere Else, Featured

Don’t Read It Then

This past weekend I was part of yet another conversation where people were complaining about the “annoying” stuff people say on Facebook. By part of I mean I was in the circle and listening, but not commenting much. Because I DO most of the things they were listing as annoying. And they are my FB friends so I’m sure if they thought about it they’d realize I’m an offender in their eyes, although they would at least pretend they didn’t mean me. Shrug.

You know, it’s not like participation on FB is a requirement. And you can unsubscribe from updates or whatever you like. But don’t complain because I don’t use a social media site the way *you* think I should use it. Yes, I like to share my workouts as a status (thank you DailyMile for the option!) And I might say that I’m checked in at a local restaurant, or soccer for the kids or the mall. It’s my prerogative (bee bop to some old school Bobby Brown here if you want, lol).

You know, it’s funny, while on the one hand I have seen my share of status updates on Facebook or tweets on twitter that don’t interest me or grab my attention, I think people underestimate the value of the seemingly random and boring-looking stuff. Sometimes some of us need a little validation, a virtual hug, some interest and we’re not good at just saying that. So when I share my workouts – it’s not about YOU. I’m not trying to say I’m better than anyone because I ran X number of km today. I’m actually just proud I finally got back on the treadmill. And it’s a way of being accountable. Not to mention, what is useless information to one person, can be true inspiration to another.

So family, friends, remember you opted IN to Facebook. Enjoy what you can out of it and live with the rest or decide it’s just not for you. But I’m going to post what works for me, and I’m going to hope you “like” those boring posts now and then to give me a quick moment of warmth during a busy day. I’ll do it for you too 🙂

*Image thanks to Land-of-Web