Fall Is Back to Activities Too

By on 8-15-2013 in Featured, That Mom Stuff

Fall Is Back to Activities Too

So, sure we all know it’s back to school time. Hard to miss with the store displays, facebook comments and twitter contests 🙂 I am thrilled as I’ve mentioned before, since my littlest boy is finally heading off to kindergarten this fall. But do you know what else fall is about for us? Time for the crazy activity schedule to resume!

This year I’m finally being smarter. I really am only letting each child pick one activity to enroll in. Last year I had the older two boys in kickboxing twice a week plus my oldest was in soccer and my middle was in gymnastics. The baby got nothing because mama is only one person and he was only 4. That wasn’t too bad but then in early January my oldest added track and I put them all in swimming. That was WAY too much going on – especially for a mom whose husband works away two-thirds of the time.

This year I’ve told littlest he gets to pick an activity just like the big boys since he’s in school now. For months he wanted to play soccer but now he’s not so sure. Thankfully we have a fall activity fair coming up next week and I’m taking them to let the two youngest choose an activity. But see, I have a problem. My soon-to-be 9 yo is trying to convince me that he wants to play soccer. And that wouldn’t be a problem except for one thing. He’s already tried soccer. He did not enjoy anything except sitting on the bench visiting. He didn’t like the actual soccer part!! He’s afraid of the ball hitting him, so he tends to duck out of the way a lot when forced onto the field. I’m worried he only wants to play soccer because everyone else in the family loves soccer. I keep trying so hard to convince him to follow his own path – to find an activity he loves. He’s tried many things, but found no passion as of yet (unless you count his passion for video games).

I really, really would love some advice from any of you other parents out there – do you let a child sign up for an activity you think he won’t enjoy? Especially a team activity? For now I’m just hoping that at the activity fair he finds another option that suits him better, but if he still insists on soccer….


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