Finding Inspiration

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Finding Inspiration

I know it’s only Day 6 of NaBloPoMo, but I have to say how happy I am feeling – it is working! I’m finding some inspiration again – some drive to write not only here, but elsewhere. I wrote a blog post for my business site today – it’s a “hidden” post, basically I only use that part of my site in hopes of it giving me some search engine love. And frankly I’m not so up my on my SEO strategies these days so I don’t know if it helps, but it felt so good to write that I am not all that worried about it. I’ll write a related or linking post on the regular business blog part of my site maybe tomorrow or this weekend to be sure to take  better advantage of it.

And tonight, even when it’s late and I attended some training and did a bunch of work today, I still wanted to turn my computer back on after the kids went to bed and write….well, something. I might not even be writing about anything much, but I’m writing. I haven’t written 6 posts in a month anytime in the last couple of years, let alone 6 posts in 6 days!

I’m reading blog posts again too. I started a blog because I loved reading blog posts so much, but for a while there I got a bit jaded about it. I love “real” posts. Posts about how hard someone’s day is or posts about the work they are doing or posts about what they are passionate about in any way. But the more into the blogging world I went, the more I found posts about stuff. Stuff  for sale or stuff for review or stuff that must have been making the blogger money but was so darn boring. Finding people who are doing NaBloPoMo is leading me to some blogs that are more my style (cause hey, you should write whatever you want, even if it’s a boring to me review, but thankfully I get to read whatever I want!) Blogs about babies and balance and hard stuff and easy stuff. Maybe I need to search out some blogs about tween parenting tonight. That’s my current struggle 😉 Or blogs about young adult books, because that’s where I’m hiding when the tween stuff gets to me, lol. I just finished Ender’s Game and The Elite the past few days. Totally different from each other – but both interesting reads.

Well all this writing is awesome, but now, yep time for a hot drink and a whole lot of reading – books, blogs, facebook timeline, something!



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