First Ever Race Report – St. Patrick’s 5K

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Mar 22, 2011 4:16 PM

First Ever Race Report – St. Patrick’s 5K


by Laurie

On Sunday I participated in my first ever 5k race! I was actually supposed to do my first on January 1st, but a sprained big toe (I think-my whole foot was blue for several days and the pain was horrible!) put a stop to that plan. My DH raced on the 1st and I didn’t let the sore toe hold me back for long. I started running on my treadmill again as soon as I was comfortable, and here we are in March and I’m still consistently working out!

Race day dawned gray and cool – with some blowing snow for extra fun. The race was downtown near the Shaw Conference Centre and it was a nice location. Well, it would have been better without ice, but that’s what I get for living in Alberta I guess! I was lucky enough to have some friends join me, here we are just before the race started, I’m the one smack in the middle in bright orange:


At 10:15 the race was off. 42 minutes later I staggered over the finish line. At first I was doing okay, had to walk down a very icy hill, but then I got myself moving and felt like I was hitting my planned pace. I was trying to keep up with the girls in my group, but after a bit I told them to go ahead without me-they were definitely speedier! There were tons of race volunteers and friendly people cheering along the route, which was a big help, as I was struggling against the weather, the icy path and my lungs’ desire to burn like crazy the whole time.  It turns out training on a treadmill at a consistent incline of almost nothing isn’t the best preparation for an icy run that includes a couple of small hills. Ouch! I can run 5k in about 37-38 minutes at home, but I’ll take 42 for my first official 5k. Got to start somewhere! Actually I was disappointed a bit that day, but with a couple of days perspective I feel better. And hey – should be able to improve on it at least next time!

I’m not feeling all that ready for my planned triathlons (mini in early May – sprint in late June), even though I’m working away at swimming, biking and running. Still, I’m going to be persistent and get through and hopefully just keep getting faster, slowly but surely. I enjoy the feeling of accomplishment having finished a race, and I’m sure a triathlon will have even more satisfaction at the end (along with the deeper exhaustion lol).


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