Fitting It All In

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Apr 27, 2010 1:28 PM

Fitting It All In


by Laurie

This blog is, vaguely, about my life as a busy, on the run, work-at-home mom. And so for the last two weeks I haven’t posted much at all because um, yeah, been busy!!

The joyous experience of chicken pox is basically over now thank goodness, although both of my littler boys still have marked up skin that I understand will take quite some time to fully fade.

I’ve also been spending Tuesday mornings this month at the dentist, first for a cleaning and then for fillings. I still have one more appt in a couple of weeks. Moral of that story? Floss regularly and visit the dentist more often. Don’t be like me and take your kids to the dentist but neglect yourself. I like my “me time” to be about lattes, spas or at least a good book, but sometimes you really do have to take better care of your health apparently.

And last, but definitely not least, my VLA work has been picking up this past month. It’s great and I’m actually feeling the most inspired about what I do that I have in a while. I had a really wonderful compliment from a client about how much help I am to her law practice and I realize that while there are days that it’s hard, or days when I am worried I don’t have enough work to make a decent living at this wahm thing, long-term this IS going to be worth it. In fact, I’m even planning a marketing campaign so I can really ramp up by fall. Assuming I find some new childcare anyway – but that’s another story for another day!

Other than blogging, and twitter, I have actually been fitting in everything that needs to be fit in. There have been a few late nights, but that’s par for the course as a wahm I think.  And this weekend I’m treating myself to a break. My best friend and I are heading out of town for a little spa-cation. We’re just going to Red Deer, less than two hours away, because I am not a fan of long drives. Plus it’s cheaper! We’re staying in a cute little hotel (I hope it’s as cute as it looks on the net…I really, really hope!) getting massages and pedicures, doing homemade facials and probably drinking a fair bit of wine. I can’t wait, only 4 more sleeps to go…..


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