Fresh Starts

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Fresh Starts

A new school year started today. My older two boys started grade five (first day of middle school!) and grade seven. The baby has to wait a whole extra day (and he isn’t happy about it) because grade one here is staggered entry. Starting tomorrow though he goes every day that his brothers go – I am so excited!! I feel like this is the day I was waiting for ever since I started my business when the baby was only one. I actually can work around just me – no more interruptions for yet another snack, or to go to the park or to come watch him play on the trampoline. Not that I’m complaining about those things – especially lately I am extremely aware of how fleeting these moments are and how lucky I am to have been able to work from home these past six years. They are memories I will never regret and sometimes the interruptions were EXACTLY what mama needed 🙂

And let’s be honest, there actually will still be plenty of days when I’m working and they are home: PD days, fall break, Christmas break, spring break, Easter break….need I go on? And there are plenty of summers left before they all fly the coop, but now that the littlest is in full-time school I suspect time is going to speed by even faster than it has been. When I look at my oldest and know there are only six years between him and the youngest, I feel overwhelmed at how quickly he changed.

So, in honour of their fresh new start for the school year, I’m making a fresh start of my own. I’m going to start blogging again on a regular basis (I feel a desperate need to get my thoughts and memories written down – but more on that another day) and I’m starting to head to the gym on a mostly daily (work week daily anyway) basis. I’ll blog about some of that stuff soon, but for today I just want to leave things off with a short summary of where each kid is today, so I can look back on it in future years and remember these moments.


Big Kid

He’s 12+ years old – 13 in just a few months. He finally grew taller than me this past year and though I’m quite short, it was something he hasn’t stopped being excited and proud about as he looks down at me 🙂 He still loves soccer and doesn’t really like school. He has been an incredible help this past summer – he’s really grown up so much. He watched his brothers for a couple of hours a day while I worked in an actual office for a month. He hates to help clean, but he mows the lawn and pitches in when he has to. He spends way too much time on his phone, mostly on YouTube. His friends mean the world to him and that’s probably the only thing he looked forward to today as he headed to school, seeing his buddies. He’s starting to like girls I think, but he does NOT want to discuss that with me! He’s the boy who most looks like me and it’s weird how you can be so critical of your own features, but watching those features appear in your child just makes your heart melt. His favourite colour is still red and he still likes to sit by me at night when we watch tv, especially when it’s a little bit of a “scary” type of show – he loves CSI and Criminal Minds lately, but he finds them a bit creepy at times so likes to be close. Pizza is still his most loved food and he still is not a fan of much meat. He can’t get enough sugar or chocolate, but we’re working on eating more fruits and vegetables regardless. He’s a wonderful, sweet and silly boy who I’m so proud of.


Middle Kid

I feel bad even calling him the middle kid, because sometimes he really hates that he’s the one in the middle. It is what it is though, right? He just turned 10 and he is fully into puberty already – he started that much faster than the older one did. He’s so tall it’s crazy (almost 5′ 1″ already!!) and he’s still super thin. He needed size 14 pants for length but the straight legged style looks like a baggy boot cut on him. He was so nervous today for his first day of middle school, but fortunately he has been to the school a fair bit and he should do just fine. His teacher looks young, but I’m looking forward to a young woman after a few years of older men. I want some strictness and all, but I’m not a fan of teachers who are so rigid they just can’t accept that change is a part of life. Not that that has much to do with age or gender I know – I’m just hoping that the contrast in teachers makes the difference this year. Middle boy is starting a new activity this fall – I finally convinced him he should choose something based on his own interests, and not feel like he should pick soccer just because his brothers and I love it. He is different from them and that’s an awesome thing – not a bad thing! So he is registered for Scouts. He will tell you his favourite colour is blue and that he loves eating MEAT. All meat, lol. He is a hungry boy who is willing to eat almost anything. He loves fruit, he loves bread, he loves lasagne. He isn’t all that big into tv, he’d much rather play on the XBox, PS3 or just watch endless YouTube videos. He usually does pretty well in school and I think he’ll find grade 5 to be not too bad, as long as he slows down a tiny bit when doing his work. He looks a lot like daddy, but like my side of the family too. He has these amazing green eyes that I like to claim come from my side (my eyes are blue and green, but close enough). He has the cutest freckles across his nose.  He might think of himself as the middle and I might call him that here, but in my heart he’s just the miracle that I was given after my miscarriage and I am so grateful to have him in our family.


Baby Kid

As excited as I am, I’m also aware of how weird and quiet and lonely I will be this year when baby boy goes to full-time school. He’s the only child I’ve been home with full-time for all of his pre-school years. The older boys each did a couple of years or more of daycare. My little joy only went to preschool for a couple of hours a day, or once a week childcare (half-days) for a few months. The cost was always more than it was worth to me – I wanted to be here for my boys – that was why I started working from home. And I never would have made this leap to being a business owner if my littlest boy hadn’t joined our family – we are so lucky that he did. Baby kid is a handful I have to say – there is a constant sparkle of mischief in his eyes. You can tell he is the youngest of three boys. He is always trying to do what the older boys do, no matter how not ready he might actually be. He uses some terrible language and words he doesn’t even understand because of what he hears them saying. I think he loves soccer even more than the Big Kid does – he spent a ton of time this summer working on his “juggling” skills on the trampoline. He is an aggressive little player and he’s going to have a great year I think. He’s the only one truly excited about heading to school this year – he can’t wait to see his friends and meet his teacher. I think he’s going to miss our alone time though – he is used to having a lot of my time and attention with the brothers being at school. His favourite colour is green and his favourite food is anything unhealthy, lol. He eats way too many crackers and has a taste for expensive applewood smoked cheese. He is a truly awesome little helper – he carries in groceries, helps put away dishes, sweeps the floor and pretty much anything else you ask him he’ll do. Even be a little fetcher for his brothers when they are too lazy to get their own stuff. He talks non stop, much like his mother 😉 He has a million questions and he needs to know the answers RIGHT NOW. He loves to walk the dogs with grandma. He drives his older brothers crazy, but that’s what little brothers are for if you ask me. We are so, so lucky to have him in our family.


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