Get Back To It!

By on 3-01-2015 in Featured, Run, Run, Run, Runaway

Get Back To It!

It’s been a while! I know, I know. I haven’t been running though. I haven’t been eating right either. I *did* give up coffee (mostly). That’s something right? Especially because my morning coffees were laced with sugar. And by “laced” I mean they contained a lot of sugar. I’m going to work on the rest. I’m starting out with a new training plan and goal race. I’ve signed up for the AMR 5K Nuun Year: No Limits 5K Challenge. It starts tomorrow. I haven’t signed up for a 5k race yet, nothing in my area that I know of right this minute so I might just do a lonely old race by myself near home. Plus I’m signed up for a fun soccer event in a week or so and then outdoor co-ed rec soccer. Not that it will be easy to fit in lol, I’m hopefully going to be coaching a few nights a week (13yo and 7yo). This will give me lots of steps on my pedometer I think at least. Plus my 5K challenge plan includes some good strength training objectives that I will work hard on.

The training plan seems like it will work well for me and I can make it fit in my days – I just need to maybe give up some of my Candy Crush time. And remember that Gossip Girl on Netflix is for the treadmill, not the couch.

I’m going to try and track my progress here on this blog, but other than that I am mostly blogging somewhere new these days – I started a blog that is a little more focused on my soccer mom life – check it out if you are interested. And wish me luck keeping up with everything!


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