Goals for 2012

By on 1-01-2012 in I Call it Racing, What Inspires Me

Goals for 2012

I am totally excited that it’s 2012. And I started the year off perfectly by running a 5k race (Resolution Run) with my husband 🙂 He didn’t want me to share the photo that has him in it though, so you just get me! We also were joined by some friends. They didn’t make it in the pics, they were running behind, but they’re so fast they caught and passed us about 1k before the finish. My finish time was just over 35 minutes though, so I’m pretty happy. It was slow to start due to ice and congestion and I didn’t walk at all, ran the whole thing, so I met my goal.

Okay, goals for 2012 now:

Goal 1:

Run a half-marathon (or 2 or 3). My first half-marathon, I think, is going to be the Wild Roses Women’s Race in Edmonton. It’s in June, so hopefully will be reasonable weather, plus I definitely want to try a women’s only race and there aren’t too many around here. I also want to do the Okanagan Half Marathon in Kelowna in October, although we’ll decide in late summer if we can make the travel work for the whole fam.

Goal 2:

Run a sub 30 minute 5k. I’m going to do 2-4 5k races, but a couple will be with my 10yo, so not sure about how the pace will be with him. I would really like to get a sub30 pr though (current “pr” is 33 minutes at end of my sprint triathlon last year, so should be manageable with some speed work this spring).

Goal 3:

Walk on the treadmill while working most of the time. I would like at least a couple of hours a day to start and hopefully get to 90% or more of my work time to be on the treadmill. The beauty of my work-at-home business is that I can easily do this, as long as I don’t give in to the desire to just sit at my table or at my couch while watching soap operas and typing away. I’ve been doing pretty good this past week at mostly working at the treadmill, but I’ve had light work due to the holidays, so it’s been easier. I’m hoping that the work/walking will help me get away from the far too sedentary lifestyle I currently have. Computer jobs are good in some ways, but terrible for how few calories you burn!

Those are pretty much my fitness goals. I have some other life goals – start using a subcontractor so I can take my VLA biz to the next level (in the works already!), be more aware of what I’m eating (I want to be down 30 pounds by July) and be more in the moment with my boys. They are growing up way fast and I need to be more aware of that some days. Plus I need WAY more pictures of them!

Happy New Year to us all!