Gold Star for Me

By on 4-16-2012 in Featured, Laurie Learns

Gold Star for Me

This weekend was a good weekend. No, it was an awesome weekend! I received my grades for my sociology class and I did better than I’d hoped on my final exam (85%). And while I was confident I’d done a pretty good job on my final paper, I didn’t expect to do as well as I did (95%!!!) I guess it goes to show when you are enjoying the material and you put in the effort it can really be an amazing experience.

I need to pick a new class now so I can keep up the momentum. I think I’m going to take Sociology of Families or Women and Work in Canada. As soon as I commit to spending the money. Hopefully this week I’ll register! I’m applying for a scholarship which would cover the cost of a course, which would be soooo nice. Then I could take both classes. I haven’t taken two at once before, which is sort of sad, but it’s expensive and I have so much going on some days. I don’t want a repeat of last fall and the never-ending pneumonia. My subcontractor for Halo Secretarial just had a baby, but by May she intends to be working a little I think, so once I know I can use her services that will make me feel more comfortable taking on a course or two for school. And then you know, 4 or 5 years from now I might have my degree. It feels like a long time, but a long time is better than never, right?

For the rest of April at least though, I think I better put my efforts into consistent training (that half-marathon is looming) and working on eating healthier. I think that having those things in place will help me in the rest of my life anyway.


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