Half Marathon Race Date

By on 7-06-2011 in Featured

*Note this entry is from my previous blog’s archives (Mobile Mommy)

Half Marathon Race Date

 by Laurie

Yay! I found a half-marathon my husband and I can do together. He works two out of every three weekends, so let me tell you it wasn’t easy to find one we could both do (and it had to be in the fall, because we need time to train of course!)

We’re going to do the Edmonton 21 near the Valley Zoo on September 18th. See map here. I think it will be fun (yeah, 21 km sounds fun – so not the same person I used to be, lol)

Now I’m really going to need to get on track with my training, my original target date was the first weekend in October and now I feel two weeks behind. And yesterday was my first run in a week, thanks to a terrible cold that had me exhausted and coughing. Fortunately I felt pretty good running yesterday and like the week off didn’t hurt me too badly. Hopefully another run later today (after Harry Potter!), unless I take a spin on my bike instead, having tried out my new pink handlebars yet