I AM a Mother Runner

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I AM a Mother Runner

Well, not like you didn’t know this already, but I AM a mother runner – and not only that, I’m a mother runner to follow thanks to my being featured at Another Mother Runner 🙂 And by the way I totally and completely recommend their books – Run Like a Mother and Train Like a Mother – I have them both (RLAM in paperback and TLAM in e-book) and they are awesome for us mother runners.

I was so proud I actually pushed myself to go for a run last night at the end of a hectic, hectic day. You see, first I tried to balance working with running back and forth to my oldest’s middle school track meet. Because despite the deadlines and the urgent requests, a mother runner is clearly going to want to watch her son on the track (aka the bus transfer station converted to a “track” with some painted lines). Races were staggered throughout the day of course, so I would go and watch for 10 minutes, go home and work for 30-45, then go back again to start the cycle over – thank goodness we live close.  And I’m so glad I did because the speedy little boy – who is in fact not a little boy at all as he is 11 thank you very much and almost as tall as mommy dearest – won his first heat in the 200, qualified for the 200 and 100 m finals (finishing 3rd and 4th respectively – out of all grade five boys in his school!) plus ran a 400m race, did the high jump and basically just ran his heart out. It was very exciting! Poor kid had a soccer  game after supper too, so let’s just say he was one tired puppy when the day was done.

So yeah – tried to balance all that, plus spend some time with the bored 5yo, plus helped with serving hot lunch at said 11yo’s school and of course I was assistant coach at that post-supper soccer game, which thankfully was nice and close to home. Coaching soccer is something I have truly grown to love, but it takes a lot out of me at the games – I get so excited and invested in those boys! Needless to say by the time we were done, showered three boys to get the bug spray and sweat off, read a few pages of stories and remembered to get 11yo’s earring back in – I was feeling pretty done in myself. But then I saw this tweet from Dimity of Another Mother Runner and knew I had to get my butt in gear and get out the door for a some kind of a run. And I was so glad I did – it helped clear my mind of the chaos of the day. Which is good because today…well, let’s just say it’s another one of those days 😉




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