I Blog In My Head

By on 6-26-2012 in Featured, The Blogging Thing

I Blog In My Head

I blog in my head a lot more than I actually blog here. I think of things late at night, or while I’m running, or while I’m driving, aka chauffeuring, my lovely children everywhere. And I start blog posts and never finish them. But despite how darn little I actually *really* blog, I am so grateful to have this little piece of the internet to write in. Megan’s blog post title today was “Why Do We Write Here” and I was inspired to really think about the why again today, in the midst of a chaotic work week, plus a nostalgic week spent accepting that my baby, my first baby, the reason I found parenting forums (the good kind and the bad!) and email groups and the ever-evolving world of internet moms is about to finish his last day of elementary school. Middle school people. Middle school. It looms very large in my world right now, and even though I want to be in denial til September, the truth is hitting home.

He is why I blog. Well, him and his brothers.

They changed my life, they changed ME. They awakened a desire to connect and share and learn and be a part of the motherhood collective. And like the internet itself, I evolved  over time so that now the blogging is for me and more about me than them on the surface at least, but still, at its heart, it is because of them. Because of them I need a place to let the words pour out some days so that I stay sane and because I need a place to brag about them or to ask questions that are about them and because my “real” life is sadly lacking in mom community (I am working on that though), so I write here to help me make those connections that make our lives as moms so much richer. (Speaking of connections – I got to meet up with my friend Laura this week when she made a quick trip to Edmonton, her blog is awesome!)

Oh and one of the other main reasons I love to write here in my space? Because I’m constantly inspired by other moms who are writing such wonderful stuff in their spaces. I love reading blogs far more than I love writing even, because my mind is so engaged and I’m so drawn into the lives and experiences of people I may never see face to face. I cry with them and laugh with them and I feel so much less alone because of these stories that are shared all over the blogosphere. And when I feel compelled to do more than just read, maybe to share my similar experience or to create or photograph or whatever, I need my place to do it in. It’s  beautiful thing, isn’t it, the connections, the community, the whole that is so much more than the sum of the parts? A really beautiful thing.


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