I Want Your Blood, Not Your Money

By on 7-28-2012 in Featured, I Call it Racing

I Want Your Blood, Not Your Money

Okay people, I NEED your help. I need you to give up a little bit of your blood. Not much, just a donation bag full or so! You see, I’ve decided to participate in Stride – The Walk for Blood in Edmonton on August 12, 2012, thanks to learning about it from a tweet by Canadian Blood Services.

Here’s the thing. This is a race where we are collecting pledges, but unlike many charity races that need you to raise money, I am raising pledges to donate blood. Technically this race is about collecting for the Edmonton blood bank location, but if you live somewhere else you should go and donate there, because this isn’t really about me and how many pledges I collect. This is about SAVING LIVES. This is about making a difference and who doesn’t want to do that? So if you are anywhere in Canada you can call 1-888-2-Donate and make an appointment or you can book an appointment online. If you are in Edmonton and you want to pledge on my behalf I need you to donate before August 12 and then contact me to make sure your pledge is recorded. If you live outside of Canada contact your local blood bank and. If you donate, whether it’s within the pledge deadline or not, whether you are local to the Edmonton area or you are halfway across the world, please leave me a comment so I can thank you for being inspired to donate.

Remember what the Canadian Blood Service says:

Blood, it’s in you to give.

For the record, I’m donating next week and it will be my 31st donation. I’ve donated semi-regularly since I turned 17 and I want to hit 100 donations someday. I’m going to have to do what my DH  does and do plasma donations so I can go more often! I may have only just heard about the Stride race, but I’ve been a strong supporter of volunteer blood donation as long as I can remember.

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