January is a Write Off

By on 1-15-2013 in Coach Laurie, Featured, Hoping for Health

January is a Write Off

I had such high hopes for January. I was totally getting on track working out again, until the lovely straddle injury happened. Now I can’t run or bike or well…anything much. I can sit on my couch, but even that hurts. No feeling sorry for myself here or anything, lol. Oh well, it will heal in four weeks or so according to my doctor. Longer if I don’t take it easy enough. So I will not be running 3x per week or 4. And I will most certainly not be getting on my bike trainer for a while!!

It could be worse I’m sure. I’m still managing to work kind of. In short bursts. I even managed to coach soccer practice last night. My assistant coach had the flu and someone had to be there! We’re on the last round of play for the indoor season and with two wins so far I’m actually hoping the boys will make the Indoor Cities tournament/championship thing.

So I guess I need to focus on my eating habits if I want to lose any weight this month. This hasn’t gone well so far, because I admit to being one of those people who when unhappy or stressed likes to eat. By eat I mean devour chocolate.  Mmmm, chocolate. I think I’m getting distracted. Blogging seemed like a good idea, but I’m feeling achy so I think I better go find a better distraction. Grocery shopping fun, here I come (well, not fun, but has to be done, ugh).



Featured image is a small piece of a beautiful Run Pretty Far calendar I got as a free download 🙂