Jelly Bean Virtual Race

By on 3-03-2012 in Run, Run, Run, Runaway

Jelly Bean Virtual Race

I just signed up for the 10k distance of the Jelly Bean Virtual Race. Hats off to Run with Jess for putting this race together, and what a super cute t-shirt you can buy for it too!

The race is the week of April 1-8 (you pick the date). I have a month to get my butt in gear. Fingers crossed for good health for a change! Time goal: 1:05. Will be a good practice race as I build up to an early June half-marathon. Wish me luck!

I wonder if other people like virtual races? I think they are wonderful, especially because lining up childcare is always such an issue. With a virtual race I can work around the occasional playschool hours or just use my treadmill if I’m desperate. Hopefully it will be warm enough (by my standards!) to run outside and I can enjoy a little “me” time. Not running lately has meant a build-up of stress and anxiety and I’m feeling it desperately.

I’ll wear the pretty race shirt and a black skirt and my wool sleeves if the weather cooperates. Pictures will be posted!