Just Call Me Coach

By on 5-03-2012 in Coach Laurie, Featured, That Mom Stuff

Just Call Me Coach

Last week I managed to post four times for 5 for 5, but by Friday it all went crazy, lol. It’s been super busy lately in my virtual legal assistant biz, plus I had yet another rough cold last week. And last Sunday? I had my first soccer practice – as a COACH! No, I don’t know almost anything about soccer. No, I’m not really qualified to coach U12 soccer. But no one else was stepping up and my 10 year old was so excited to have me help. Sigh.

We’ve had only one practice and one game so far. I’m slowly learning the names of the 17 boys on our team. I’m trying not to think about how tall some of the boys on the team are and how soon my 10yo will be that tall (he’s the youngest on the team because his birthday is in December, U12 includes kids born January 1, 2000 to December 2001, he’s December 2011). I found people who would at least help assistant coach, thank goodness, so I’m not completely alone. There’s just so much to figure out though!

We have a short season due to the not-so-lovely spring weather in Alberta, so to get in as many games as possible we have two games a week. Needless to say, soccer is going to keep me busy until the end of June. And on days when there is no soccer my 7 year old has baseball. We have Fridays off, that’s something right?! Let’s not even talk about how on earth I’m fitting in half-marathon training. I’m not. Today maybe I’ll run. If I get off of here and go finish some work, because I have a mile long work to-do list today.

Hopefully I’ll still find time to post here occasionally, but if you don’t see much, now you know why. I’m juggling a lot of balls 😉

*Image Soccer Ball © jbelluch, Flickr, Creative Commons