Laurie-The Backstory

Laurie-The Backstory

About Me-Short and Snappy Edition

Name: Laurie Mapp

I live: in CANADA, lucky me! (in Alberta, near Edmonton)

My kids: 3, all boys and no I don’t want or need a girl. I love my boys! And YES I am absolutely done. The vasectomy better not fail.

Also live with: my husband, when he isn’t working out of town, my gigantic rescue dog Poco (part Coonhound, part Pony, or something like one!), my mom and her two pomeranians. It IS as loud as you think.

Work: I run a virtual paralegal biz, Halo Secretarial, established 2008. I don’t use childcare enough. I work too late at night.

Passions/Hobbies/Things I do when I get time, as rarely as that may be: Running, Reading, Watching Soccer. A Lot of Soccer.

About Me-Laurie Running Life Edition

I can honestly say that BlogWest2012 changed my life. It changed my blogging life anyway, and since blogging gives me a place to be creative and explore things and vent, I think it probably changes all of my life. First it inspired me to actually truly start blogging more, from my heart, instead of from a more base desire to “be a blogger”. It’s helping me become more of who I want to be in a lot of ways. It gives me a (vaguely) private way of discussing some things. Which seems dumb, because hello it’s the internet, it is NOT private! But no one in my regular life reads it that I know of. And I have almost no readers lol, so I’d know wouldn’t I?!! I’m not saying anything I’m embarrassed to say in “real” life anyway, I’m not trying to be anonymous. I use my real name. I talk about my real life. But I am in never-ending struggle with myself to just do everything myself, to be the person everyone around me turns to and I try to carry all the struggles and burdens, for them and for me. My blog is a place where I get to let go a little bit.  I get to write about what I want and I try to not hold everything in the way I usually do in person. And I came to this epiphany if you will at BlogWest 2012 in Edmonton. I didn’t expect to get something so profound out of a conference. I just wanted a weekend break and to meet some local bloggers. I got everything I expected and so, so much more. I was inspired by several different people, and I realized what I wanted my blog to be about. I wanted to go deeper than I had before. I don’t want to be a “niche” blog, I don’t want to be a mom blog or a running blog or a wahm blog. Those are all good things for the people with those blog passions. I’m not sure I can easily answer the question (still!) “what is your passion?” but I think that essentially my passion is the journey through life. The real journey, the hard parts, the good parts, the highs and lows and the lessons learned.

So essentially Laurie Runs Life isn’t all that different from my old Just Start Mama blog, except that I like the name way, way better, I have a much prettier logo and it’s more about a whole life journey, not just the start of a journey, if that makes any sense to anyone but me. I’m still a mom of three boys. I still have a pretty darn great husband. I have lots of other family and lots of issues with my relationships with them. I love running except when I don’t. I love working from home, except when I don’t. I love chocolate and there is unfortunately no “when I don’t” to that one.  I’m seeing where life takes me and sharing some of the ride with anyone who wants to join me.

About Me-from the “Old” Blogs

I used to have a blog called “Just Start Mama”. Before that I used to have a blog called “Mobile Mommy” (some of those posts are archived here). I had that one for a few years actually (it was also once an incarnation known as VA Mom of 3 Boys). I wrote on it a lot sometimes, hardly at all others. Then I upgraded wordpress or something and managed to “lose” it. I can’t seem to access it properly and my techy skills are only so-so.  I could have gotten some help, and maybe I will someday just to archive it more fully than my half-attempt at pulling stuff out of Google Reader. But I have decided that that blog’s time has passed. I am ready to start fresh and have a different type of blog.  Just Start Mama is going to be a blog about changing your life a little at a time to accomplish things that matter to you. Mostly for me it’s about fitness goals, but the inspiration that carries me through a triathlon or a running race is really the same inspiration that helped me start a business or start taking university classes. If there is anything in your life you want to Just Start doing – do it right now, and hey, while you’re at it – tell me about it so I can share in your journey, the way you are sharing in mine.

So about that journey – let me tell you a little about Laurie. I’m a mama on a mission – trying to get fit, fast fast-ish and happy! Life is hectic (isn’t it for most of us mamas?) and last fall I decided it was time to add in some fitness so I could relieve some stress and fit my jeans better. Or stop fitting the damn size 12’s and go back to maybe an 8 or 6 or something finally.

Healthy eating had helped me lose a bunch of weight after my second child, but then I went back to my office job and bad habits and then I got pregnant with my third child and my weight jumped back up to an ugly number. And I don’t mean it was an ugly number while I was pregnant – that didn’t bother me. But my weight didn’t drop too much after those first post-baby pounds fell off. And after that third baby was born I decided to start a business from home, I had three boys to keep an eye on, I got involved in ICAN Canada and just for fun I started working on getting my Bachelor of Arts degree. BUSY! Busy enough to claim it as an excuse anyway.

Then Fall of 2010 arrived. My baby was turning three, my big boys were six and nine and I was eating enough chocolate to make my weight go up even more instead of down. I read an article about a mom who did a triathlon and I had one of those lightbulb moments. I wanted to be like that mom – I wanted to do a triathlon! So I started training and in May 2011 I did my first triathlon, a try-it distance at the U of A Spring Thaw Triathlon. Then in June I did a sprint distance (essentially double the try-it). It was amazing and I felt a true sense of accomplishment.  Triathlon is a pretty challenging and time-consuming activity to train for, but I’m going to do more! Next year I’ll probably do another sprint or two and an even bigger challenge – an olympic distance triathlon! That’s next year though, this year I’m focusing on a different goal – a half-marathon. Half-marathons are 21.1 kilometres – ouch!

So this is (some of) my story. A story that of course just keeps going on, even when the blog posts kind of slow down.