Life in Pajamas

By on 3-17-2012 in Featured, WAHM

Life in Pajamas

Many, many days I realize that it is time to head out the door, to either drop off the little guy at preschool, or pick up the big kids from their school, and I’m still in my pyjamas or yoga pants. Then I rush frantically to look halfway presentable, because heaven forbid I look totally chaotic in front of the other moms. I know, I’m kidding myself thinking my 5 minute pull together is fooling anyone.

It just doesn’t seem worth getting dressed to me though. I have read many blog posts and articles that talk about being productive while working from home. Most of them talk about getting dressed first thing. I don’t know, maybe those people sit at proper desks in their proper and professional looking home offices too. I have a pretty home office, sort of. It IS pretty. It’s my office space. I just don’t actually use it much. I mostly sit on my couch to work. When I get a big transcription job then I’ll sit at my desk or at the kitchen table. When I’m trying harder to sit less I work from my treadmill which is at least right beside my pretty office. And whether I’m on my couch or at doing the slow treadmill walk/work thing, it is more comfortable to be in yoga pants than to be in nice jeans. I’m sure it is true for some people that being dressed as if they were going in to the office makes them more productive, but I promise I’m plenty productive in my comfy clothes, at least when I need to be.

Besides I keep telling myself I’m going to get running again any day now. No, really. I AM going to start running again any day now. Maybe tomorrow. It’s already almost nine tonight and I had a hectic week. Anyway, what would be the point in being dressed and having on makeup if I’m going to run midday (I am not an early morning runner, I’m just not, don’t think I’ll ever be). Well, maybe if I start getting more sleep I’d become a morning person? Nope, pretty doubtful. I think at 36 years old I know if I’m a morning person or not. And when I run midday day I do a different kind of rushing before picking the kids up at school. It’s the get your run in, grab a shower and race out with wet hair rush. I look extremely put together after that. Some days, when the 4yo is in preschool in the afternoon I even just run while he’s in school (outside!!) ¬†and then I do school pick up sweaty and in my running clothes. I have no shame, honestly.

Doing the work at home life thing in pajamas, or yoga pants, or sweaty running skirts – it could be worse right? I don’t go out in public in the pajamas. Usually!