Life is Winning

By on 10-23-2012 in Featured, WAHM

Life is Winning

I am on the countdown to November 1st. Why? Because my boys are switching from their current Kung Fu place to Chinese Kickboxing. There are many reasons for the change but the biggest bonuses are the facts that it is a) a mixed age class so they go together instead of to separate classes (1 hour total instead of the current 2); and b) it’s where grandma already goes, so they will drive over with her and I’ll pick them up, saving me even more time! Altogether I’ll gain about 4 hours a week of “free” time. Free meaning not sitting outside the kung fu center trying to keep 4yo happy in the car or playing on the grass. The current place, understandably in many ways, doesn’t like disruptions during class so while they have a decent viewing area, children who can’t be quiet, aka 4 year old, can’t really be in there. Because the new place is with grandma, the boys will go with her to class, and 4yo and I can stay home until they are done (they finish 30 minutes before gram), zip over, pick them up and then be done 🙂

The fact that four extra hours makes me countdown days tells you how hectic things are lately. This week we have something to do every single day after school/in the evening. Monday was soccer practice, Tues and Thurs are kung fu, Wednesday is go to the airport to get daddy day and Friday is gymnastics. Saturday we have a soccer game and Sunday is thankfully wide open. And somewhere in each day I need to get some schoolwork done, plus you know, work! I’m just skipping housecleaning from now until….someday. Actually we better fit a little of that in before pick daddy up day…I like to keep up the charade that I don’t let things fall apart while he’s gone to work lol.

So anyway, the busy life stuff is beating me down, I mean winning in the time management game. And speaking of that, I think I better go get some work done. Catch ya later!

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