Lightning Strikes

By on 8-06-2012 in Featured, The Blogging Thing

Lightning Strikes

I’m trying to just write a post about lightning. A home near mine was struck by lightning last night and I couldn’t stop thinking about it all day so when I decided to let some words pour out of me I couldn’t help but think about lightning. First I, not surprisingly, thought about the danger of lightning. Of the instant when a life can change because of the power and the fury that mother nature can unleash. Of the neighbors who are out of their home for a while and the countless other people in the world who have lost their precious belongings to storms. And far, far worse, the tragedies that result in lives lost after a momentary flash of heat hits just the wrong spot. But the words I was hoping for didn’t come easily and so I moved on.

I moved on to thinking about how there have been so many nights when a thunderstorm raged nearby and I sat on my steps simply connecting with the forces of energy and the power of mother earth. It is strangely soothing to sit and muse and just feel the storm, right down to your bones. It makes me feel connected to the land to watch a thunderstorm. I’ve tried to capture it on film (or whatever you call it when you are on a digital camera, lol) but the image never truly lives up to the experience.

And then I start to wonder why on earth I decided to write about lightning, because just like I have trouble capturing an image that can demonstrate the intensity and the drama of the raging storm, I am struggling with capturing what I wanted to say about lightning in this post.  And now I’m tired so I’m just going to go to bed instead. Maybe tomorrow I’ll be more inspired…or probably I’ll just be busy working.


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