Lost Ground and New Toys

By on 9-27-2014 in Doesn't Fit Anywhere Else, Featured

Lost Ground and New Toys

This week I totally lost ground. I got sick (just a cold), my 10 year was ill, I had a tiny chunk taken out of my back and I ate way too much sugar. But it’s all okay because I’m not letting it derail me. Losing ground is not the same as completely falling off the road.

So the chunk out of my back was that darn suspicious mole. The dermatologist says it’s “probably nothing”. I sure hope so and at least we’re figuring it out, right? Can you believe it took 4 stitches to close a little tiny punch biopsy? It was a 8-9 mm mole only!!!

I did have a happy little note to the week. On Monday my new Samsung Gear Fit arrived at my door. I got it on sale for $99 and while I hemmed and hawed and read 8 million reviews before committing to the thing, it turns out that I *love* it! Yes, it definitely has some flaws and I sure as heck wouldn’t have wanted to pay the original price for it. But I knew I needed a better device for step-counting and was thinking about the Fitbit Flex. When I went to Best Buy’s site to look at it, I realized that the Gear Fit was on sale so did some comparing between the two. The Gear Fit seemed to offer a lot more for the same price. I get notifications on it for text messages and phone calls (you can set up more notifications but I want to keep it to just the critical stuff), I can see my step count throughout the day and I’m actually kind of enjoying wearing a watch for the first time in years. Using your phone as a watch works, but sometimes it sure is easier to just look at your wrist! My mom likes the look of Gear Fit so much she had me order her one, and she mostly only wants it for the watch features 🙂

I also lost ground in being on top of work. Between my cold and my sick boy I really had trouble. I need to get that on track more than anything I think – starting now!