Loving Pinterest

By on 1-20-2012 in What Inspires Me

I first noticed Pinterest before Christmas when I was looking up cookie recipes for my littlest’s playschool party. I didn’t sign up then, I just enjoyed how easy it was to find pretty recipe pics.

Recently on Twitter I noticed a lot of chatter about Pinterest so I went to have a look. And learned it was invitation only. Ugh. But then yesterday on FB I was able to join no problem – yay! I’ve just started playing with it and I already have boards for running, work at home inspiration, local stuff and sweets of course 🙂 I think I’ll use it most for inspiration, due to the ease of finding “pretty” quotes and such. I love though that I can also use it to promote things I love (ie, local businesses, blogs I follow, etc).

Who else is using Pinterest? I’d love to hear your thoughts on how/why to use it!