Making it a Family Affair

By on 5-09-2013 in Featured, Run, Run, Run, Runaway, That Mom Stuff

Making it a Family Affair

This past weekend I went for a run. Which is not unusual, but lately not all that common either! Anyway, I went for a special kind of run. I went with my two oldest boys. They didn’t run with me, instead they rode their bikes while I attempted to keep up with them. I had to actually get them to stop/slow down so I could even attempt to get that picture of them. The sky was a nice bright blue, the weather is finally getting summery here in Alberta.

It was a very different kind of run for me, and I LOVED it! For one thing, it was nice not to be alone. Some days, okay maybe most days, I love being alone when I run, but since it’s very rare for me to run with anyone, I enjoyed the novelty of it. It would be nice about once a week I think. Also, it was a chance to spend some time with the big boys without the littlest along. He was not happy about that of course, but we left him to keep daddy busy, so oh well! My oldest especially kept bringing his bike back around to me to chat. Despite how hard it is for me to chat while I run…I struggle to even breathe, lol, it was nice to listen to him talk. My middle child on the other hand was way too busy racing ahead on his new bike (with gears people, he’s like a grown up now, and yes, for the record his bike is almost too big for me and he’s only 8!)

Last, but definitely not least, running behind bikes helped me work on speeding up a little. I took fewer breaks too, because they would have gotten bored if I’d walked much. When I run alone on the treadmill I stay a fairly steady speed and when I run alone outside sometimes it’s easy to run slower than I mean to.

All in all, running with my boys was a perfect Saturday morning – I totally recommend it!