Making Memories at Edmonton’s Capital Ex

By on 7-20-2012 in Featured, The Blogging Thing

Making Memories at Edmonton’s Capital Ex

I haven’t been to Capital Ex in a few years. Probably not since we moved to Spruce Grove and probably because once I had 2 and then 3 little kids it just wasn’t all that fun to go to such a busy venue, especially with a husband who seems to always be away at work during the event. He’s away this year too of course. But finally, FINALLY, my kids are getting older and are totally ready to enjoy the experience that Capital Ex offers, even without daddy. They’ve seen the commercials and they have been asking me when we get to go for quite some time now. Today is the big day and we are going to have so much fun, I just know it. I need a fun day today after spending my birthday yesterday getting an expensive new tire on my car.

First, I’m going to spend some time alone at the fair with my 10 year old. Well alone with thousands of other people, lol. We’ve been invited to participate in a scavenger hunt (hoping to see Tamara along with some of my other Twitter peeps there!) Despite the many other people and general busy atmosphere, I’m really excited to do something like this with my oldest son. I’ve mentioned before that he’s at this perfect age right now, still a little bit young, still thinks I know almost everything, but also so clearly about to grow up and away a bit. He loves roller coasters and games and I just know he’ll be the best partner I could have ever asked for in the scavenger hunt (I’ll be tweeting about the hunt more this afternoon btwn 2 and 4 if you are interested). It won’t matter if we win, because just doing some different stuff together IS winning if you ask me. I think that’s the beauty of a fair like Capital Ex, scavenger hunt or not, is that it provides a great opportunity for parents and kids to spend some time together just having fun. We get to be young for a day again and eat tasty treats (elephant ears – oh I love elephant ears!) and toss some rings or throw some darts or whatever else our hearts desire.

I’m not as confident about the experience I”ll have later this evening, when I take all 3 kids to the fair after we hit up Taste of Edmonton for supper (I’m hoping Grandma is up to join us to make it a little easier) but I’m going to try it anyway. I’ll make them put on their id bracelets, stick close and hit up the little kid activities for the 7 and 4 year old. 10 year old should be a little worn out after our busy afternoon, so hopefully he won’t complain too much about their ride choices. Yes, I’m hopeful, I know! By the time they are nice and worn out we’ll hopefully be able to catch the Sideswipe Performance at 8:30 – my older two both take martial arts (shout out to the awesome Silent River Kung Fu in Stony Plain!) so I know they will enjoy the show. We probably won’t make it til the fireworks though…maybe next year 🙂

I can’t wait for the rest of the day to happen…and I’m glad I’ll have the weekend to recover from all the fun.