May Long Weekend in Alberta

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May 24, 2010 9:26 AM

May Long Weekend in Alberta


by Laurie

Yesterday, it snowed. Okay, it melted when it hit the ground, but still – IT SNOWED. For quite a bit of the morning. Yuck!! Of course, I don’t actually expect great weather for the May long weekend – this is Alberta after all! We went to a bbq on Saturday and in the mid-afternoon you could see your breath when you were standing outside.

Weather be damned though, I’m still hoping to get ready to plant my garden this week. Good thing half of it is started inside and waiting just to be transplanted or it would never have enough time to grow before summer is over. We’re planting tomatoes, herbs, potatoes, peas, cucumbers, carrots and a few other things. I love having garden produce, plus it makes me actually spend a little time outside weeding most days, instead of constantly being stuck to my lovely laptop.

Anyway, back to the long weekend. Today is a holiday in Canada, it’s Victoria Day. My kids asked me what the holiday was about and all I could say was that as Canadians we celebrate the Queen’s birthday. Mostly, we’re just happy for a day off! But I don’t really take the day off. Many of my clients aren’t even Canadian and since it’s not a particularly important holiday, I don’t mind doing a couple of small projects on it.

I do find it funny though how often Canadian holidays seem just slightly off of holidays in the US. Of course some are similar, even if they don’t celebrate it, most people I work with seem to slow down over the Christmas/New Year break. In May we take the 3rd Monday as a holiday for Victoria Day, but in the US the May holiday is the 4th Monday (Memorial Day). In July, each of our countries observes a patriotic celebration, but ours is July 1 for Canada Day while the US has Independence Day on July 4. Each just enough off to be worthy of mentioning if it will pose a conflict for cross-border working relationships. The most noticeable difference though is at Thanksgiving which we celebrate on a Monday in October, but the US celebrates on a Thursday in November!

Well, it is officially a holiday here and my boys are busily playing the new Super Mario Galaxy 2 beside me, so I better get those projects done so I can have my turn at the game. With the lovely weather (ahem!) it was a nice of DH to pick the game up first thing yesterday so we could enjoy some family time together indoors!


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