Memory Lane Monday: My Grandma

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Mar 15, 2010 6:48 PM

Memory Lane Monday: My Grandma


by Laurie

My grandma has been an amazing influence in my life. She was around a lot when I was a kid and one of my most comforting memories involves having a sleepover at her house, in the tiny spare bedroom with the huge and super-heavy homemade down comforter keeping me warm.

My grandma was on the younger side for a grandma, my mom was pretty young when she had me (18), and my grandma didn’t have her until her mid-thirties, putting her at about 50-ish when I was born. She was born in 1923, the first of her parent’s children to be born in Canada, instead of England. She was the first daughter too, having two older brothers born before the family immigrated. Several more siblings were born after.

My grandmother married my grandfather when she was 19. He was in his mid-thirties then and while I have pleasant memories of him, they mostly are of watching the Price is Right with him or eating breakfast together! My grandfather passed away when I was 9 or so. Since then, my grandmother has had quite the interesting life. She went skydiving for the first time when she was over 60. She loves being active and has pursued hobbies such as dancing, golfing and hunting all since becoming a senior citizen. She’s 87 now and still an amazing personality!

Her life has not always been easy. She lived in Edmonton until she was 10, then during the Depression they re-settled into rural Alberta. After my grandfather passed away she reconnected with a childhood love and re-married for the first time. Yep – the first time! Bob was sick even when they married and passed away within a year or so. Then she lived with Andrew – he was so nice. Andrew was her hunting partner as well as her boyfriend. Unfortunately Andrew passed away after a few years together. That’s when the story really gets soap opera-ish. My grandma met Andrew’s brother only after his passing. It turns out the brother had 40+ years before had an affair with Andrew’s wife. A child was born and knowingly raised as Andrew’s, an agreement having been made that the child would not be told the truth until Andrew’s death. My grandmother loved that child as another son of her own. But still it was many, many years since the incident and she didn’t view the brother as a bad man. Actually, she fell in love with him and he became husband #3. And the son became her son, again, in a weird deja vu kind of moment.

Unfortunately the brother also eventually succumbed to cancer. Then after some time Grandma met her next long-term boyfriend. And he died too. Then her next and the same horrible result. It’s not easy to find and keep love when you are a senior. Today was actually the funeral for her most recent boyfriend. She was so sad, and I’m glad I was able to spend Saturday afternoon with her.

To end my Memory Lane Monday post, I’m leaving you with a picture of my grandmother from way back:

Happy Monday everyone!


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