Mileage Monday

By on 2-20-2012 in How Far I Went, Run, Run, Run, Runaway

Mileage Monday

Last week was sick week number…I don’t know of the year. It feels never ending. I did get in one run and one bike ride before I gave in to the tired and did nothing else.

Last Week’s Mileage

One run, one cycle workout, no strength work. Total of 16 km.

This Week’s Planned Mileage

Well, today was a “rest” day, lol, and hopefully I’ll actually get in workouts every other day this week.  I’m going to re-work my training plan and probably make it an easy week with no speed work and a shorter than planned long run, but hopefully about 45 total km for the week between cycling and running. I also will do at least three strength workouts with my new kettlebells.

I’m going to keep the image/comment above in mind this week, because even if I have been under the weather I *feel* like I’ve been quitting a lot.  Thanks to Mom and Running It for posting it on FB where it caught my attention!