Mileage Monday

By on 8-15-2011 in Run, Run, Run, Runaway

Last Week

27.5 km Run in four sessions (more or less!)

23 km Biked in two sessions

Weights done only once 🙁

Totally on track with my training plan – a little extra run two days, but nothing extreme. Definitely felt like a “recovery” week and I’m ready to push harder this coming week.

This Week


Run 33 km

Bike 2x (25km+)

Weights 3x

And best of all this week? I might even get in a swim or two! Boys are all in morning day camp every day, so as long as 3yo doesn’t totally freak out and refuse to attend (he’s a bit too used to being with me all the time) I will get close to 3 hours free each day. I mostly have to get all my work caught up in anticipation of taking the week of the 22nd off while we’re in Florida, but I’m thinking of working at the center where the daycamps are – the pool is there too, so I won’t need much free time to slip in the swim sessions.