Mileage Monday

By on 8-29-2011 in How Far I Went

Last Monday of August and I’m updating my mileage for the past two weeks, because last Monday I was busy flying toward Orlando most of the day (alone with three kids – yikes!) and pretty much ignored my computer for not only Monday, but the whole week ๐Ÿ™‚

Week of August 15

In prepping for vacation work got really crazy – I skipped a run ย this week. So three runs only for a total of 28km, including a long run of 15k on Sunday. On the treadmill. Need I say more?! I also managed to get in once cycle workout of 11km.

Week of August 22

Skipped a run again this week. I was in Florida Monday to Friday (home very late) and I only used the hotel treadmill once. I’d say bad me, but I did walk a ton and I had a great vacation with hubby and kids so it was worth it to me. I did run Saturday and Sunday to try and make up for a it a little, including Sunday’s longest ever run of 17 km. I was tired by 10 but I managed to tough the whole run out. No cycle workouts this week.

This Week

I’m back at home, back on track. Well that’s the plan anyway ๐Ÿ™‚ Kids head back to school on Wednesday (the older two) which may make things easier, or not. Hard to say with the 3yo still here and not even starting preschool for another week. I think I need to revisit childcare for him – last year he went two mornings a week and it was quite helpful, but with preschool starting I’ve been unsure if he should also attend some part-time childcare. I have been pretty busy lately for work though and I think I need a couple of child-free mornings (preschool is two afternoons). We’ll see I guess.

My training plan this week involves my longest run before my fast approaching half-marathon (just under three weeks!) – 19km. I also need to get in 3 more runs and 2 cycle workouts, plus 2 weights workouts. Going to be busy!