Mileage Monday

By on 11-28-2011 in How Far I Went

Yay! I actually have mileage to report 🙂

I cannot say how good it feels to be getting on track. I’m not at 100% health yet, I suspect it is simply going to be a waiting game for that particular goal. I did do a respiratory function test though which thankfully confirmed I don’t have asthma, and I haven’t heard any bad news about my chest x-ray, so I am reasonably sure that I just needed more time than is normal to recover from pneumonia. My doctor said usually four weeks would be sufficient, and I’m at over 8 weeks, but with probably 95% of health or so, I finally feel good enough to get moving again.

The past week’s mileage:


3 runs for a total of 14 km.


1 ride – approx 8 km

This week’s planned mileage:

3 runs for a total of 16-18 km

2 rides for a total of 20 km

2 weight sessions

2 yoga sessions

It’s going to be a great week!