Mileage Monday FAIL

By on 1-23-2012 in How Far I Went, What Inspires Me

Last week’s mileage = big fat ZERO! I was sick again and decided to rest a lot and try to get better quickly for a change. I definitely feel better today so I guess it was worth it. I feel annoyed when I have a lazy week though, especially when the scale is giving me numbers that are flat out scary.

This morning I knew things had to change. I haven’t worked out yet (I’m really not a morning workout kind of girl, maybe someday!) but I brought my laptop back down to my treadmill and have been working while walking. I also drank a smoothie for breakfast and had only one cup of coffee. Usually I have lots of coffee and no breakfast, bad girl that I am.

Let’s hope that this week is all about workout success, unlike last week’s workout fails. This is my motivation for today:

Image found on Pinterest, via Moms RUN This Town 🙂