Mileage Monday: January 30

By on 1-30-2012 in Run, Run, Run, Runaway

I am SO happy to report my mileage for last week. 47km!!! That is the best week I’ve had since early September 2011, aka the time before pneumonia messed up my lungs.

DailyMile summary by weeks

Mileage for Week of Jan 23

4 runs, totaling approximately 23km

2 bikes, totaling approximately 24km

Planned Mileage for

Week of Jan 30

4 runs (24km)

2 bikes (25km)

Almost makes me want to bump it up somewhere for an even 50km this week. Maybe…!

I’ve got some fun plans for this blog this week too – I drafted posts in my head during my long run yesterday. Let’s hope they translate well into real posts.