Mileage Monday

By on 8-01-2011 in How Far I Went

Last week I ran 28.55 km – a record for me for sure! It was a pretty good week of runs. I did one track workout and was joined by my BFF which was super nice. My boys played at the park right next to the track (that’s one of my tricks – tracks with playgrounds in view so I can watch them and stop and attend to their needs if required). My long run yesterday was on the treadmill which isn’t my fave, but with a DH who works out of town options can be limited.

I also got in one real bike workout and one family bike ride – definitely need to get on the bike more this week, I’ve been taking it too easy on my rides 🙂

Plan for this week: Total of 30km running, two bike rides (total of 30+k). Long run on Sunday I should be able to get outside I hope, although may need to make some adjustments as we are thinking about a weekend getaway trip to Banff or Jasper.