Mileage Mondays – Jul 4 2011

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Jul 4, 2011 9:56 AM

Mileage Mondays

 by Laurie

I’ve decided to really work on getting back to blogging and since my current fave topic is anything fitness, I’m going to start a weekly post on my mileage. I’ll share what my previous week’s actual mileage was and my goal mileage for the current week. I’m calling it Mileage Mondays – which is actually weird in a way since I’m in Canada and I don’t do “miles” – I do kilometres! But kilometreage sounds WRONG and weekly distance is boring, lol.

Last Week’s Total: 10km (2 running workouts)

So last week was my post-triathlon week. I took it super easy, probably too easy considering I only did a sprint distance triathlon and my muscles weren’t that wiped at all. It was nice to take a bit of a break though and revel in what I accomplished on Sunday. I did two basic runs, one on Thursday and one on Saturday. Thursday I ran a loop near a park so the boys could play while I ran and Saturday night I was able to get out and run all by myself – loved it!

This Week’s Mileage Goals:19km running plus 25k on the bike

I’m getting truly started on my half-marathon training plan this week, so have four runs on my schedule plus a couple of days of biking for cross-training. The bike is important independently, especially if I add another triathlon later this year and just to keep up the fitness I’ve worked so hard to gain.

Today I’m going to aim for a speed session at the track, which is nice because it will be a short workout. Then I’m taking the kiddos to the pool for some fun time. Later this week I’ll do a simple run, a tempo run and a long run (not that a 6k run, which is on the plan, seems all that long!)

Hopefully with all of the running planned for this month I can lose close to 8 pounds or so. Want to look good in Florida in August!