Moving in the Mornings

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Moving in the Mornings

I am NOT a morning person. I am sure that is partly because I never get quite enough sleep, but really I’ve never, ever been a morning person. Not when I was a kid, a teenager, not pre-kids or post-kids. I like my comfy bed and when I finally get out of it I like coffee and quiet. Despite that I recently decided to make a big change. I’m working out first thing in the morning.

Now, I know plenty of people already know how smart it is to start their day with a workout, but I’ve been in denial that I should consider it for a long, long time. I work from home, I have a flexible schedule, I can work out when it suits me – that’s how I’ve been thinking.  And I really do like working out around midday. But here’s the thing – lately my work has been sooooo busy. And half the time I have to pick up littlest boy from preschool at lunchtime. Plus sometimes I help out with hot lunches at oldest boy’s school. Really, my lunchtimes aren’t as free this year as they were last year and I kept ignoring that fact and then not getting in my workouts or  I ended up trying to motivate myself at 9 o’clock at night after the boys were all in bed. It simply wasn’t working no matter what I wanted to believe.

So last week, when my monsters were on spring break and it was a tiny bit easier to manage, I started working out first thing in the morning. Last week that meant like 7:30 am-ish. It went pretty well. I took a day off in the middle of the week because my legs hurt, but I got in 19 km between running and walking – the most I’ve managed in a week in a long, long time! This week I’m off to a good start too, I worked out midday yesterday and today I set my alarm and got up at 6:25 in order to get in a run before waking the kiddos up for school. I’m also starting to incorporate some strength intervals because after the 10k I’m planning for June I have my first mud/obstacle run to train for in August!

Moving in the mornings – who knew it could work for me?!


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