Not Enough Pictures

By on 4-25-2012 in Featured, That Mom Stuff, What Inspires Me

Not Enough Pictures

I do not take enough pictures. Ever.

I have a beautiful DSLR camera that was purchased a few years ago when I just knew I was going to start taking amazing pictures. I bought books too with pretty pictures and tips on taking pictures. I took a class, but all that only bought me a little knowledge, it doesn’t remind me to actually take the darn camera along on outings.

Remembered "good" camera for 10 yo's track meet. Couldn't get a good action shot for the life of me.

I have a camera on my phone too. I claimed when I upgraded my iPhone that it was partially for the much improved camera. And it is better than the one on my last phone. And there are fun apps like Instagram and Colorsplash to inspire me. And it works now and then but usually, STILL not enough pictures. (And I especially don’t take enough of myself, I’m terrible at the self-portrait thing and struggle with accepting how I look in the darn photos)

I did remember to snap a shot when the lice were "evicted"


Instagram in Use!

Attempt at self portrait. The outfit is cute. The photo, not so much.

Oh and the few pictures I do bother to take? Often blurry, boringly straight on shots or otherwise unattractive. My best friend’s husband takes amazing pictures of the simplest things. I want to be like him someday. The picture below isn’t quite there, but it’s closer than usual!

Colorsplash = Cuteness


*This post was inspired by the Momalom 5 for 5’s topic of the day, Pictures.
All images © Laurie Mapp, despite the not so greatness of them, they are mine, no shares-ies.